GTU Electronics and communication engineering sem 3 syllabus

GTU Electronics and communication      engineering B.E sem 3 syllabus of all subjects


Electronics and communication      engineering B.E sem 3 syllabus of all subjects

Control system (3131101):


Rationale: This course explores the fundamentals of systems and control. The course has

following primary focuses:

(1) Understanding and predicting behavior of the system.

(2) Differentiate between the open loop and closed loop systems.

(3) Design and analysis of closed loop control systems.

(4) Analyze the condition for system stability.

(5) Understand different methods for finding the relative and absolute stability of the


(6) Evaluate the performance of the system for different excitations. 

Digital system design (3131102):



The students need to learn basic concepts of digital circuits and systems which leads to design of
complex digital system such as microprocessors. The students need to know combinational and sequential
circuits using digital logic fundamentals. The students will learn the design of combinational and sequential
circuit. This is the first course by which students get exposure to digital electronics world.

Network theory (3131103):



Students of EC Engineering need to possess a good understanding of the concepts and principles of
passive circuit analysis and synthesis by applying various circuit laws and theorems. This is one of the foundation course
which is required to understand the concepts of advanced courses and develop skills that are needed in
Electronics field.

Effective technical communication (3130004):




The rationale of the curriculum is to help students learn technical communication along
with necessary moral and ethical dimensions of engineering.

Probability and statistics (3130006):



Systematic study of uncertainty (randomness) by probability - statistics and curve fitting by
numerical methods

Indian constitution (3130007):


introduction of the Indian constitution


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