GTU Information Technology engineering sem-5 syllabus


GTU Information Technology engineering B.E sem 5 syllabus of all subjects


GTU Information Technology engineering B.E sem 5 syllabus

(1) Contributor Personality Development Program (3150004):


Rationale: introduction of personality development 

(2) IPDC - 1 (Integrated Personality Development Course) (3150005):


Rationale:  introduction to personal and professional personality development


(3) Analysis And Design of  Algorithems (3150703)


Rationale: Obtaining efficient algorithms is very important in modern computer engineering as the world wants applications to be time and space and energy efficient. This course enables to understand and analyze efficient algorithms for various applications.

(4) Professional Ethics (3150709):


Rationale: introduction of personal and professional ethics 


(5) Computer Networks (3150710):




Explain the basic terminologies used in networking and layered architecture of computer network.

Comprehend basic protocols of application layer and how they can be used to assist in network design and implementation.

Describe and implement the essential principles of a connectionless and connection-oriented protocols used for reliable data transfer, flow control and congestion control.

Design network architecture, assign IP addressing and apply various routing algorithms to find shortest paths for network-layer packet delivery.

Illustrate different link layer terminologies like error detection-correction, Multiple 

(6) Cyber Security (3150714):


Rationale: In this digital age, the information and data are immense and need to be secured. The cyber crimes have increased as attackers see it as gaining big rewards. There is a need to examine the cyber attack patterns and provide security measures for them and also need to learn the cyber laws formed to effectively act upon cyber crimes.


(7) Object Oriented Analysis and Design (3151604):


Rationale: Object oriented modeling and design promotes better understanding of requirements; clear designs and gives maintainable systems. A good design leads to better implementation of product and saves on time.

(8) Formal Language and Automata Theory (3151605):


Rationale: To introduce students the basic concepts in theoretical computer science, and the formal relationships among machines, languages and grammars and computational problems.The course should in addition clarify the practical view towards the applications of these ideas in engineering.

(9) Web Development (3151606): 


Rationale: In the era of digitization, the demand of Internet based applications is increasing day by day. To put students in the orbit of this Internet driven world and to make them comfortable in developing various web based applications, this course is focusing on front-end and Back-end design.

(10) Computer Graphics and Visualization (3151607):


Rationale: To introduce students with the basic concepts in computer graphics and visualization and in addition to it clarify the practical view towards the applications of these ideas in engineering and technology.


(11) Data Science (3151608):


Rationale: Available data need to be analyzed to make quicker and better decisions. Data science helps in managing, analyzing and understanding trends in data leading to design the strategy for better profitability and results.

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