GTU all subjects All Branch sem -1&2 syllabus

GTU all subjects

EC, Environmental, IT, Automobile, Biomedical,Computer etc.

B.E sem - 1&2 syllabus 


(1) Chemistry (3110001):


Rationale: Chemistry is considered as Basic Science subject.


(2) English (3110002):



The rationale of the curriculum is to help students refresh their knowledge of English language. It also targets the understanding of grammar, focusing on comprehension, and reading, speaking and writing skills. This would be developed through balanced and integrated tasks.


(3) Programming for Problem Solving (3110003):


Rationale: Understanding of basic principles of Mechanical Engineering is required in various field of engineering.


(4) Basic Electrical Engineering (3110005):



Rationale: Electricity has been the main source of energy for the developing and developed countries.  

Per capita consumption of electricity of a country can be considered as an indicator of the development of the country. In view of this, it is essential for all engineering graduates to know the basic aspects of electrical engineering.

This subject deals with basic circuit solution methods, introduction to electrical machines and basics of domestic electrical installations. 


(5) Basic Mechanical Engineering (3110006):


Rationale: Understanding of basic principles of Mechanical Engineering is required in various field of engineering.


(6)Environmental Science (3110007):


Rationale: To inculcate the environmental values translating into pro-conservation actions. Honorable Supreme Court of India has made it 'mandatory’ to introduce a basic course on environment at the undergraduate level.


(7) Workshop / Manufacturing Practices(3110012):


Rationale: Workshop practice is the backbone of the real industrial environment which helps to develop and enhance relevant technical hand skills required by the technician working in the various engineering industries and workshops. Irrespective of branch, the use of workshop practices in day to day industrial as well domestic life helps to dissolve the problems.


(8) Engineering Graphics & Design (3110013):


Rationale: Engineering Drawing is an effective language of engineers. It is the foundation block which strengthens the engineering & technological structure. Moreover, it is the transmitting link between ideas and realization.


(9) Mathematics-1 (3110014):


Rationale: The study of rate of changes, understanding to compute area, volume and express the function in terms of series, to apply matrix algebra.


(10) Mathematics-2 (3110015):


Rationale: To compute line integrals, solution techniques of higher order ordinary differential equations, fourier integral representation.


(11) Basic Electronics (3141016):


Rationale: Electronics is playing a key role in all engineering applications. All engineers should have basic knowledge of electronics. Purpose of this subject is make students familiar with basic electronics concepts.

Students will be able to operate electronic test and  measurement equipment like multi-meter, CRO, DC power supply and function generator.


(12) Induction Program (3110017):


Rationale: The goal of engineering education is to train engineering graduates well in branch of admission, have a holistic personality and must have desire to serve society and nation.

It is expected that an engineering graduate work for solving the problems of society using the modern technologies and practices. That needs the broad understanding of the society and relationships.

 It is needed to cultivate the human values in engineering graduates to fulfil his responsibilities as an engineer, a citizen and a human being.

Considering the various social backgrounds and whether a student comes from the urban or rural areas they differ in many of the life skills and their abilities and thinking.

 There branch of admission may be due to rush; their interest in subject is question. They are facing the issues like hostel and settlements, pressures from peers and many related issues. To overcome such issues, it is necessary to create an environment for students so that they feel comfortable, find their interest and explore their inner beings, create bonding with other students, establish relation with teachers, work for excellence, get a broader view of life and practice human values to build characters. The Induction Program covers the various activities which enables them to overcome all such issues and motivates them to perform well in their chosen branch of admission.

(13)Physics  (3110018):


Rationale: The basic science physics program is to prepare students for careers in engineering where physics principles can be applied to the advancement of technology.

This education at theintersection of engineering and physics will enable students to seek employment in engineering upon graduation while, at the same time, provide a firm foundation for the pursuit of graduate studies in engineering.


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