GTU Environmental engineering sem-3 syllabus


GTU Environmental engineering B.E sem 3 syllabus of all subjects


Environmental engineering B.E sem 3 syllabus

(1) Effective Technical Communication (3130004)



The rationale of the curriculum is to help students learn technical communication along with necessary moral and ethical dimensions of engineering.


(2) Indian Constitution (3130007)



introduction of indian constitution


(3) Understanding Design Thinking (3130008)



This Course is designed to give very basic understanding of the Design Thinking methodology. 

In DE- 1A, student will select very basic and small, individual or team project irrespective of their branch. 

This project would be from very general topic/domain like designing something for yourself/parents/Teacher/Friends (Whole class may select single project topic or similar topic in different small groups to have healthy competition among the class). 

This kind of basic project in 3rd semester would help in understanding of Design Thinking process easily when much technicality is not involved.

 In this module, students will use the whole Design Thinking process as shown in fig.1 of general guideline document to complete their projects but here the learning objective or focus would be more
on Observation or Empathy process.

 So students need to give more time to these phases and then reach
up to the rough prototype phase. The content is divided into week-wise activities as shown below to better understand the course and to give enough time to all the learning aspects and students need to
follow the same but depending upon the type and nature of projects, students and guide may allocate more/less time to the activities.


(4) Environmental Microbiology and Bioremediation (3131302)



Microorganisms not play a very important role in treatment and disposal of wastes but also are responsible for spreading many diseases. Hence a working knowledge of microbiology forms a base for other core subjects of environmental engg.


(5) Environmental Chemistry-I (3131305)



Quantitative and qualitative analysis of environmental parameters is a very important aspect of studies of Environmental Engg. The subject of Env chemistry I deals with qualitative and quantitative analysis of water and accurate determination of parameters.


(6) Unit Operations and Processes in Chemical Industries (3131306)



In order to combat the problem of industrial pollution the first step is to understand the various chemical processes taking place in an industry. More over it will be possible to identify the sources from
which pollutants are originating and their probable characteristics.


(7) Basics of Environmental Hydraulics (3131307)


Rationale: To impart fundamental knowledge of hydraulics as applicable in Environmental Engg

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