GTU Environmental engineering sem-4 syllabus


GTU Environmental engineering B.E sem 4 syllabus of all subjects


Environmental engineering B.E sem 4 syllabus

(1) Design Engineering – 1B (3140005):



In the 3rd semester, students have learnt the basic Design Thinking methodology in DE-1A and undergone the phases of the same with necessary tools and techniques and worked upon general topic/domain irrespective of their branch. Now in 4th semester, they need to select branch-specific existing artefact/solution, apply Reverse Engineering (RE) and modify/redesign it as per the User’s needs using Design Thinking. There are three core objectives of introducing RE and integrating Design Thinking with it:

 (1) Students will learn some basic concepts from their branch and relate all stages/phases of Design Engineering with their regular core subjects of particular branch in current or further semester's as one of the key objective of Design Engineering subject is to imbibe Design Thinking approach into core engineering subject for practical learning, 

(2) they will use Design Thinking process again to refine their learning and 

(3) some of the existing solutions will be modified/redesigned through DE projects which can be helpful to users/society. 

In this module also whole Design Thinking process will be used by students, but more emphasis on Ideation and initial Product
Development phases. The content is divided into week-wise activities to better understand the course and to give enough time to all the learning aspects, but depending upon the type and nature of projects, students and guide may allocate more/less time to the activities.

Students in 4th semester need to follow week-wise activities as mentioned below to complete
course requirements.


(2) Environment Resource Management (3141308):


Rationale: To make students aware about finite resources & their management.


(3) Fundamentals of Wastewater Quality (3141309)


Rationale: To make students aware of applications of Chemistry in Environmental Engg


(4) Occupational Health and Safety (3141310):


Rationale: To learn about the health problems associated with occupations and safety aspects of workers





To understand key issues and its technical solutions pertaining to municipal and industrial solid waste management is necessary for practicing environmental engineers.




Rationale: To understand the water supply and sewage collection systems in cities

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