GTU Automobile engineering sem-3 syllabus

GTU Automobile engineering B.E sem 3 

syllabus of all subjects


Automobile engineering B.E sem 3 syllabus

(1) Effective Technical Communication (3130004):


Rationale: introduction to technical communication


(2) Complex Variables and Partial Differential Equations (3130005):


Rationale: This subject is a powerful tool for solving a wide array of applied problems.


(3) Indian Constitution (3130007):


Rationale: introduction to Indian constitution


(4) Design Engineering 1 A Module 1: Understanding Design Thinking (3130008):


Prerequisite: Optimistic mind-set, Enthusiasm of learning new things, Unlearn yourself


(5) Material Science And Metallurgy (3131904):


Rationale: Basic principles of science are used to study the structure-properties relationships of various materials for their proper applications in this subject. Especially study of different types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloys, in terms of their composition, structure, properties and applications; nondestructive testing are included in this course to understand the basic concept of selection and processing of metals and materials for their applications. Corrosion covers the mechanism, types and prevention techniques.


(6) Engineering Thermodynamics (3131905):


Rationale: Engineering Thermodynamics is the first course on Thermal Science and Engineering. It studies various energy interactions notably heat and work transfer. It is based on certain laws of nature which are never seen to be violated.


(7) Kinematics And Theory of Machines (3131906):


Rationale: Kinematics and theory of machines is a fundamental course for mechanical engineering. It is intended to introduce essential elements of machines and their functionality. This course is essential for synthesis and kinematics analysis of machine elements like linkages, cams, belt, rope, brakes, clutch and gear.

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