GTU Automobile engineering sem-5 syllabus

GTU Automobile engineering B.E sem 5  

syllabus of all subjects


Automobile engineering B.E sem 5 syllabus of all subjects

(1) Contributor Personality Development Program (3150004):


Rationale: introduction to personality development program 


(2) IPDC - 1 (Integrated Personality Development Course) (3150005):


Rationale: introduction to integrated personality development program 


(3) Transport Management And Laws (3150209):


Rationale: Subject will cover various transport management aspects and motor vehicle laws after studying this subject the students will be able to manage a transport fleet and their related activities for minimizing operational cost.


(4) Automobile Engines (3150210):


Rationale: Understanding of the basic working principles of engines, its Construction and Operation, phenomena of Combustion, Engine Testing and Performance and Performance characteristics.


(5) Control Engineering (3151908):


Rationale: To develop comprehensive knowledge and understanding of classical and modern control theory, industrial automation, and systems analysis. Control engineering is a diverse and rapidly expanding discipline which has become increasingly important in a wide range of industries.


(6) Heat Transfer (3151909):


Rationale: The course is prepared to provide the detailed understating of various modes of heat transfer and its applications in Mechanical Engineering. The course also provides the basic technical knowledge related to heat exchangers.


(7) Dynamics of Machinery (3151911):


Rationale: The course is designed to give fundamental knowledge of behavior of machines under dynamic condition.


(8) Oil Hydraulics and Pneumatics (3151913):


Rationale: Course gives idea about the basic system working on fluid power and compressed air. Also, different valves related to hydraulic and pneumatic systems are discussed in syllabus. Subject is also useful for designing the various hydraulic and pneumatic circuits for various engineering applications.

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