GTU Automobile engineering sem-6 syllabus

GTU Automobile engineering B.E sem 6  

syllabus of all subjects


Automobile engineering B.E sem 6 syllabus of all subjects

(1) Contributor Personality Development Program (3160002):


Rationale: brief introduction of personality development program  


(2) IPDC - 2 (Integrated Personality Development Course) (3160003):


Rationale: similar to the introduction of personality development but also includes introduction of professional personality development


(3) Alternative Fuels and Power Systems (3160207)


Rationale: The course is designed for understanding the concepts and methods behind alternate fuel and power systems for automobile applications.


(4) Automotive Electrical And Electronics (3160209):


Rationale: The course aims to impart basic skills and understanding of Automotive Electrical and Electronic components, systems, and their working details.


(5) Vehicle Maintenance and Garage Practice (3160210):


Rationale:  Students will be able to maintain and repair vehicle with application of various hand tools, special purpose tools, power tools and service equipment. Student will able to manage and run automobile workshop or service station.


(6) Automobile Chassis And Body Enfineering (3160211):


 Rationale: Subject is designed to cover various aspects and considerations to be concerned over body and chassis building of different types of vehicles like car, bus and commercial vehicles with safety and ergonomic aspects, structure and aerodynamic aspects of the vehicle.

(7) Two and Three Wheeler Technology (3160212):


Rationale:  Students will be able to understand the construction and working of different systems and components of two and three-wheeler vehicles. As well as arrangement of system which help to improve the efficiency of vehicles


(8) Special Purpose Vehicle (3160213):


Rationale: The subject is designed to provide application of automotive systems in special purpose vehicles. The course is essential to build higher skill by studying the details of construction, working and design aspects of special purpose vehicles such as agriculture vehicles, earth moving machines, load caring and lifting machines.


(9) Vehicle Testing And Homologation (3160214):


Rationale: This subject will give preliminary idea regarding some of the practices and standards followed in automobile industry for their testing and homologation.


(10) Computer Aided Design (3161903):


Rationale: Computers have become inevitable in today era and find their application in various stages of product development. This course intends to introduce students to use of computers in the phases of product design viz. conceptualization, geometric modeling, graphical representation and finite element analysis.


(11) Design of Heat exchangers (3161911):


 Rationale: The course is design to provide fundamental knowledge of different type of heat exchangers used for various thermal applications and to learn the sizing of heat exchangers, thermal analysis for various heat exchange applications.

(12) Renewable Energy Engineering (3161914):


Rationale: The course is designed to give knowledge of various renewable energy sources, systems and applications in the present context and need.

(13) Computational Fluid Dynamics (3161915):


 Rationale: This is an introductory course in CFD. In this course, students will be exposed to basics of CFD. Students will gain knowledge on FD/ FV strategy, formulation of the problem and solution techniques.

(14) Computer Aided Manufacturing (3161917):


Rationale: Computer Aided Manufacturing is highly demanded area now a day. Computer Aided Manufacturing deals with Design of components to manufacturing and also includes Planning and controlling the processes. Industries widely use CNC, FMS and Robotics technology now a day. Students will be familiar with its hardware and software and also able to write programs for machining.


(15) Energy Conservation and Management (3161919):


Rationale: The course is prepared to provide detailed understanding of energy conservation and management, 3Es (Energy, Economics and Environment) and their interaction, energy audit and financial management.


(16) Entrepreneurship and E-business (3161924):


Rationale: Entrepreneurship and e-business subject is introduced with motive to develop entrepreneurial attitude in today’s competitive environment. Further this subject creates awareness about adopted technologies in the business.


(17) Cyber Laws and Ethics  (3161925):


Rationale: This course explores technical, legal, and social issues related to cybercrimes, Laws Cyber Ethics. Cybercrime and laws is a broad term that includes offences where a computer may be the target, crimes where a computer may be a tool used in the commission of an existing offence, and crimes where a computer may play a subsidiary role such as offering evidence for the commission of an offence. It is also required to have knowledge of Cyber Ethics and its role and significance.


(18) Industry 4.0 (3161926):


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