GTU Computer engineering sem-3 syllabus

GTU Computer engineering B.E sem 3 syllabus 

of all subjects  

GTU Computer engineering B.E sem 3 syllabus of all subjects

(1) Effective Technical Communication (3130004):


Rationale: The rationale of the curriculum is to help students learn technical communication along with necessary moral and ethical dimensions of engineering.


(2) Indian Constitution (3130007):


Rationale: introduction of constitution of India 


(3) Design Engineering 1 A Module 1: Understanding Design Thinking (3130008)


Rationale: introduction to design thinking process 


(4) Data Structures (3130702):


Rationale: Data structure is a subject of primary importance in Information and Communication Technology. Organizing or structuring data is important for implementation of efficient algorithms and program development. Efficient problem solving needs the application of appropriate data structure during program development. Understanding of data structures is essential and this facilitates the understanding of the language. The practice and assimilation of data structure techniques is essential for programming. The knowledge of „C‟ language and data structures will be reinforced by practical exercises during the course of study. The course will help students to develop the capability of selecting a particular data structure.


(5) Database Management Systems (3130703):


Rationale: Database is an integral part of real-life application system. The course will enable student understand the different issues involved in the design and implementation of a database system. Student will learn the physical and logical database designs, database modeling, relational, hierarchical, and network models. Student will learn to use data manipulation language to query, update, and manage a database. Student will understand essential DBMS concepts such as: database security, integrity, concurrency, storage strategies etc. The students will get the hands on practice of using SQL and PL/SQL concepts.


(6) Digital Fundamentals (3130704):


Rationale: The students need to learn basic concepts of digital circuits and system which leads to design of complex digital system such as microprocessors. The students need to know combinational and sequential circuits using digital logic fundamentals. This is the first course by which students get exposure to digital electronics world.

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