GTU Computer engineering sem-5 syllabus

GTU Computer engineering B.E sem 5 syllabus 

of all subjects  


Computer engineering B.E sem 5 syllabus of all subjects

(1) Contributor Personality Development Program (3150004):



(2) IPDC - 1 (Integrated Personality Development Course) (3150005):



(3) Analysis And Design of Algorithms (3150703)


Rationale: Obtaining efficient algorithms is very important in modern computer engineering as the world wants applications to be time and space and energy efficient. This course enables to understand and analyze efficient algorithms for various applications.


(4) Professional Ethics (3150709):


Rationale: introduction to ethics in professional environment


(5) Computer Networks (3150710):


Prerequisite: Working experience of any one structured programming language.


(6) Software Engineering  (3150711):


Rationale: To study Software Development Life Cycle, Development models and Agile Software development. To study fundamental concepts in software testing, including software testing objectives, process, criteria, strategies, and methods. To discuss various software testing issues and solutions in software unit test; integration, regression, and system testing. To learn the process of improving the quality of software work products. To gain the techniques and skills on how to use modern software testing tools to support software testing projects. To expose Software Process Improvement and Reengineering.


(7) Computer Graphics (3150712):


 Rationale: To understand the basic computer graphics primitives as well as able to implement them.  To learn, compare and apply various transformation techniques. To design basic animations using latest graphics package software.  Students will be able to solve open design problems regarding surface and edge detection. Students will be able to apply the knowledge, techniques, skills and modern tools to become successful professionals in graphics industries.

(8) Python for Data Science (3150713):


Rationale: The data collected by organization needs insights to take the decisions, for predictions as well as for finding hidden patterns inside the data. Python is an appropriate language supporting all the features and libraries to perform data science activates. This subject covers the overview of the python with emphasis on various python data structures and various libraries like Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib for performing various data science function including data preparation, cleaning, exploratory analysis and visualization.


(9) Cyber Security (3150714):


Rationale: In this digital age, the information and data are immense and need to be secured. The cybercrimes have increased as attackers see it as gaining big rewards. There is a need to examine the cyber-attack patterns and provide security measures for them and also need to learn the cyber laws formed to effectively act upon cybercrimes.

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