GTU Mechanical Engineering sem - 4 syllabus

GTU Mechanical Engineering B.E sem - 4 

syllabus of all subjects 



Mechanical Engineering B.E sem - 4 syllabus of all subjects

(1) Design Engineering – 1 (3140005):



(2) Mechanical Measurement And Metrology (3141901):


Rationale: Measurement and Metrology deals with the application of science in Mechanical Engineering. It provides a means of assessing the suitability of measuring instruments, their calibration, and the quality control of manufactured products.


(3) Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Machines (3141906):


Rationale: This course imparts fundamental knowledge regarding fluid, types, properties and basic governing equations in static and moving conditions. The course also provides the basic technical knowledge related to various fluid machines used in the practice.


(4) Fundamental of Machine Design (3141907):


Rationale: The course aims to impart basic skills of force and stress analysis for design of machine elements.


(5) Manufacturing Processes (3141908):


Rationale: Manufacturing processes related to machining are included in this subject. All conventional manufacturing machines are included in this course to understand the basic concepts in machining science.


(6) Organisational  Behaviour (3141909):


Rationale: Organizational Behavior deals with the application of management skills applied to individual as well as group of persons. It also helps in team work and understanding group dynamics and leads to leadership and motivation.

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