GTU Chemical engineering sem-4 syllabus

GTU Chemical engineering B.E sem 4 syllabus of all subjects


GTU Chemical engineering B.E sem 4 syllabus

(1) Design Engineering – 1B (3140005)




(2) Heat Transfer (3140503)



Rationale: Heat transfer is a necessary process in virtually all forms of energy generation and use; from coal fired to nuclear power stations, from automobile engines to rocket motors, from refrigerating cold stores to air conditioning space vehicles. This subject is intended to make students aware about mechanisms involved in heat transfer process in many of aforementioned applications. This ultimately will enable the students to design the equipments for heat process viz., shell and tube heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers.


(3) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics-II (3140507)



Rationale: This subject introduces the concepts of fugacity, activity coefficient and other important thermodynamic properties and its evolution for pure components and solutions. Starting with ideal gas mixtures and ideal solutions, the concepts of bubble and dew points are introduced to enable flash calculations and design of process components. Subsequently, various levels of non-ideality and complexity are introduced. The course also provides fundamental insight into the underlying thermodynamic principles of phase equilibria and reaction equilibria to solve complex problems.


(4) Unit Processes & Chemical Technology (3140508)



Rationale: Chemical Unit Processes is essential for chemical engineering as it gives an overview of all chemical process industries.


(5) Pollution control & Safety Management (3140509)



Rationale: This course is intended to familiarize students with the concepts of various traditional and modern pollution control methods along with identifying various pollutants and prevalent industrial laws and acts pertaining to safety, health and environment under Indian context. This course would enable students to identify and assess hazards in any stage of operation, to quantify and manage them as well.


(6) Numerical methods in chemical engineering (3140510):



Rationale: It is necessary for Chemical Engineering students to solve complex problem.


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