GTU Chemical engineering sem-3 syllabus

GTU Chemical engineering B.E sem 3 syllabus of all subjects


GTU Chemical engineering B.E sem 4 syllabus

(1) Effective Technical Communication (3130004):




(2) Indian Constitution (3130007):




(3) Understanding Design Thinking (3130008)




(4) Fluid Flow Operations (3130502):



Rationale: This Subject is essential for Chemical engineering to know the effect of pressure and stress of fluid on different bodies. Further, it is useful for students to know the metering devices for different type of fluids.


(5) Applied Chemistry (3130506):



Rationale: Applied Chemistry is considered as Basic Science subject


(6) Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics-I (3130507):



Rationale: Knowledge of thermodynamics from a chemical engineering view point is essential to study principles and applications of laws of thermodynamics to real systems. This subject is also useful to calculate thermodynamic properties of any chemical species and their mixtures.


(7) Material and Energy Balance Computations (3130508):



Rationale: The main objective of course is to make a clear conceptualized knowledge regarding various unit operations carried out in Chemical Engineering. This will provide a background for applying these principles to industrial problems.

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