GTU Electrical engineering sem-3 syllabus

GTU Electrical engineering B.E sem 3 syllabus of all subjects


Electrical engineering B.E sem 3 syllabus

(1) Effective Technical Communication (3130004):



Rationale: introduction to various types of communication skills


(2) Indian Constitution (3130007):



(3) Design Engineering 1 A Module 1: Understanding Design Thinking (3130008)



Rationale: The course aims to expose students to the basic process and framework of Design Thinking and relevant tools & techniques for Creativity & Innovation.


(4) Control System Theory (3130905):



Rationale: Automatic control of industrial processes is essential for increasing the output and in turn the profit of an industry. As a result, most of the companies are using automatic control of the machineries and processes. As an engineer, a student must know the basics of automatic control system. This subject is intended to supplement the basic skill of an engineer.


(5) Electrical Circuit Analysis (3130906):



Rationale: Electrical circuits are the integral elements of the power system. Analysis of response of electrical circuits for various inputs is the basic requirement to understand the behavior of the system. The responses for various inputs are in turn helpful to design, implement, operate and control a network effectively. This subject is intended to provide the basic insight into the theory and problems related to electrical circuit analysis.


(6) Analog and Digital Electronics (3130907):



Rationale: introduction of analog and digital electronics


(7) Applied Mathematics for Electrical Engineering (3130908):



Rationale: There is different kind of systems which requires through mathematical analysis tools. The type of systems which requires such tools are linear systems, nonlinear systems and dynamical systems. Apart from them, it requires systematic study of uncertainty (randomness) by probability - statistics and curve fitting. The different methods like numerical methods are required to be studied.

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