GTU Electrical engineering sem-5 syllabus

GTU Electrical engineering B.E sem 5 syllabus of all subjects


Electrical engineering B.E sem 5 syllabus

(1) Contributor Personality Development Program (3150004)



(2) IPDC - 1 (Integrated Personality Development Course) (3150005)



(3) Professional Ethics (3150709)




(4) Electrical Machine- II (3150910)



Rationale: Electrical power sector is the backbone of industries, agriculture, irrigation, urban development and almost all the segments of society. In view of this, the rotating electrical equipments play a vital role for the society. This subject deals with the theory and performance analysis of various electrical machines.


(5) Power System II (3150911)



Rationale: The course is aimed to provide exposure about the modeling of power systems components and transmission line, its analysis and performance including the fault analysis of power systems, brief introduction to corona and transients in power system.

(6) Signals and Systems (3150912)



Rationale: Automation in industries and domestic level has made engineers to understand about various systems and signals. The interfacing of the machines with the different controllers specifically needs to calculate and estimate the basics about the signals and systems. Every domain expects engineers to be fundamentally clear about the signals and systems. This subject clears mainly the classification of the signals and systems with their various time and frequency domain analysis for future applications.


(7) Disaster Management (3150913)



Rationale: This subject is conceptual applications of principles of management to mitigate various disasters.


(8) Python Programming (3151108)



Rationale: Python is general purpose programming language becomes very popular in last decade. In this age, every Electronics, Electrical and Computer engineers must learn Python Programming to build applications in their core domain. Python is becoming popular in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Micro Python is sub-set of Python Programming useful to port in hardware for embedded and IoT applications.


(9) Operation Research (3151910)



Rationale: Operations Research now a day widely used in the area of decision making for the real-life problems. Managers and decision makers get idea for optimizing and approximating industrial problems. They not only strive to devise appropriate measures for problem solving but also apply scientific techniques to monitor the organizations ongoing activities such as Production mix, Transportation, Assignment, Queuing, Game theory, Replacement and Project Management problem.


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