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The aim of this website is to provide study material of various universities in one place.

Our aim is to make study material easily available for all students.

Our aim is to support the digitization of study material and because of this digitization access to education becomes a lot easier for every student.

Our aim is to help all student’s to archive good knowledge from study material available on our website which will ultimately help students in their education journey.




Our vision is to make educational material easily available for every student.

Our vision is to make the education process easier with the help of digital study material.



About content on this website:


Content on this website is collected from authentic websites of various universities.

If any authority, university or organization, etc. wants to remove their material or content from our website then they can easily contact us by using the contact information available on our contact page.  

 We will appreciate the request of every authority, university, or organization who doesn’t want their study material on our website and we will immediately remove their content from our website.

Content on this website is for educational purposes only and credits of this material goes to respective authorities, universities and organizations.


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