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Website policy:

This website is just for education purposes and all data available on this website is from an authentic source.

So every student can use our material for educational purposes free of cost.

Google policy:

If you see any google ads on our website then please don't do fake clicks on those ads.

Student’s policy:

Currently, there is no material available for school students.

This website is more focused on material for higher education.

So if you are a school student then please don’t visit our website because there is no content available for school students.   

Content policy:

Content available on our website is only for educational purposes so please don’t copy our content.

Content available on our website is subject to copyright so please don't misuse our content.

Term’s of service:

Please don’t try to pirate or copy our content.

Please don’t misuse our content.

Please don’t send fake traffic on our website.

Please don’t write any spam comment

Please don’t share any web link in the comment box.


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